Meet on Mumbai DP-2034: ‘Insufficient time to file public suggestions’, say experts

Experts and citizen groups have slammed the government for not providing enough time to submit public suggestions and objections for the Development Plan (DP) 2034 for Mumbai, claiming it’s impossible to study the plan thoroughly within the stipulated time. At a public meeting, organised by the Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI), raised objections to a section of the new DP, which they claim, will transform city’s residential areas into commercial and business zones. Some citizens, who attended the meeting, organised to help them understand the notification, said that government must Section 33 (19) of DP-2034, which specifies the additional floor space index (FSI) that can be provided to big projects in a Central Business District (CBD). FSI is the ratio of the total permissible constructible area to the area of the plot. “The Rule 5 of the Section 33 (19) states provision of additional FSI for residential areas. This particular rule states that if the municipal commissioner deems necessary, any plots, irrespective of their private or residential status, can be provided an additional FSI on the basis of the CBD on that plot. This is encouraging more commercial projects to come up,” said Madhuri Vyas, an architect.

Source : NAREDCO