Airport to bring cities of Uttar Pradesh closer to NCR: PWC report

The proposed international airport at Jewar in Greater Noida will not only bring places in Uttar Pradesh, such as Kanpur and Allahabad closer to NCR, under the regional connectivity scheme Udan, it will also benefit locations in neighbouring states, a techno-economic feasibility report for the airport stated.The ambitious regional connectivity scheme, also known as Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagarik (Udan), where fares are capped at ₹2,500 for one-hour flights, seeks to connect unserved and underserved airports. The report prepared by Pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC) states that Shimla, Ludhiana, Pathankot, Gwalior and Adampur would be benefitted by the airport. Under the scheme, Uttar Pradesh will get 11 new additional airports in 15 months, and with the Jewar airport becoming operational in 2022-23, the spurt in the air traffic would be huge, the state’s civil aviation minister Nand Gopal Gupta said.

Source : Hindustan Times