Administration begins hearings to acquire land for Jewar airport

The Gautam Budh Nagar district administration on Monday conducted a public hearing at a primary school in Mukimpur Shivara and Ramnagar villages in order to start the land acquisition for the Jewar airport project along the 165km Yamuna Expressway. In the first phase, the administration needs to acquire 1,441 hectares from eight villages along Yamuna Expressway. These eight villages are Rohi, Parohi, Banwaribas, Ramnagar, Dayanatpur, Mukimpur Shivara, Kishorpur and Ranhera. The three villages Dayanatpur, Rohi and Kishorpur will be partially relocated, officials said.The administration will hear the suggestions of 2,377 land owners who will be affected by the acquisition.

Source : Hindustan Times